Packing Lolita For a Convention!

This article will cater more to those packing Lolita clothing.

Packing for a con can be a nightmare for some people, but it doesn’t have to be! Traveling for cons and traveling internationally because of my relationship, I’ve picked up a thing or two on efficient ways to store all your belongings!

After you’ve figured out what con you’re going to, you’ll have to ask yourself some questions. What will you be doing in your clothes? Attending panels or something more active? Is the con inside or outside? Questions of this nature. Once you’ve zeroed in on what would be the most appropriate outfits for your con, it’s time to spread them out for you to look at. I personally like to do this on my bed, but do it wherever you have room.

Since packing light is essential for me. It leaves me less stressed and saves me time packing and unpacking. With this in mind, I try to plan outfits that recycle the same accessories like shoes or bags. For this con, I decided that I’d use my gold AnTaiNa shoes and a gold heart shaped bag for all three outfits which saves me space in my bag for other essentials.

Whenever I travel for conventions and want to wear Lolita, making sure my coordinates are easily accessible is a must. I like to pack entire coordinates in eBags because not only are they easier to pack, everything is at my fingertips. I fold my dresses neatly, trying to keep the details inside the folds so they don’t catch on anything. I also include any socks or tights I’ll be wearing and fold them inside the dress as well. I include the blouse, if any, and I put any accessories and jewelry I’ll be wearing in plastic baggies so as not to jostle them around while in transit. Lastly the wig I’ll be wearing with that coordinate goes on top.

My petticoat and bloomers go into a separate eBag.

Make sure you have room to pack clothing for sleeping or lounging in the hotel, to run brief errands if you must (I mean, you can go on the town in your clothes if you want!), and toiletries. Yes, everyone at the con will appreciate it if you shower and brush your teeth. Please.

I always always ALWAYS make a list of all the items I’ve packed. I type everything up into Google Docs, print out the list and keep it with me. Come time to leave, I mark everything as it’s put into my luggage case.

If you’re packing Lolita for a flight, these tips still stand, however you may want to try packing even lighter, especially if you want to avoid baggage fees and the like, but that’s a topic for another day (as I’ve not taken Lolita on a flight, I have no experience with it, but I’d love to hear your stories!)

So in conclusion! Here are all the tips!

  • Start planning EARLY!
  • Lay everything out and cut out extraneous items.
  • Pack coordinates in the same bags for ease of access.
  • Share accessories where you can.
  • Pack “regular” clothes for sleeping and wear regular clothes to check in at the con.
  • Pack toiletries in ziptop/enclosed bags in case of spillage.
  • Create a list of your luggage inventory and keep it with you (as well as what you wore to the con).

Here’s my video on the topic!

Until Next Time