Top 5 Angelic Pretty Prints of 2009!

Hello everyone, it’s Knoel! First off, I want to apologize for my absence, there’s plenty to catch up on but now’s not the time! I want to get right into it! For a while now, I’d been wanting to do some sort of top something or other list, and I thought what could be better than a list about my favorite dresses! As you may remember from my Lolita Talks 1 video, I first came to know about Lolita in 2009. And to celebrate 7 years in Lolita, I scoured Lolibrary’s section of dresses from 2009 and I found five dresses that I would love to own.

Before we get started: I’m rating these dresses based on my personal opinions of what I like in a dress and what I think I would wear and what I think would best go in my current wardrobe. I’m not checking measurements because heaven forbid, half of them wouldn’t fit me anyway, so we’re basing this solely as kind of a dream scenario. Sound good? Okay! Let’s start!